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Muay Thai is different from Kickboxing

Kickboxing is based on Muay Thai although it is a much modified form of the sport and doesn’t allow elbow strikes, and some forms of knee strikes. Some forms of kickboxing don’t allow strikes below the waist. Although it has some similarities with other forms of martial arts Muay Thai is a highly stylised and focused art form with moves and techniques that are unique to it.

Training with the fighters

Our trainers and fighters are used to working with westerners at all levels, from novice through to champion. Pi Ot’s two decades working with Muay Thai ensure that he always has safety as a first priority. Head kicks are part of Muay Thai but are taught with extreme caution and care, only when you and your trainers agree you are ready will advance to these techniques.

Training with no prior experience

You can train from total novice, learning techniques, basic training, and body conditioning. Muay Thai is an excellent all over body regimen and when training Muay Thai you will be in the best shape of your life very quickly.

Can I fight – Yes, you can!

For those eager to get in the ring Pi Ot can get a total novice fight-ready in around two weeks. The amount of time it takes depends very much on the intensity and commitment to training as well as the person’s natural ability.

Tickets for a fight?

Tickets for fights are available from the ring in advance, or on the night on the door. Tickets can also be purchased at Baan Pan Buri, Rasta Baby, Handsome Sandwich, Tanaporn Massage, and on Thong Nai Pan Yai at Pen’s Bungalows, Candlehut and Havana Resort. The price for a ticket is 500B. Kids get in free.

Muay Thai are suitable for kids to watch or train

Thai children are always brought to see fights from a young age; it is entirely down to your discretion at what age you think your children can attend. Visiting children can come to do very light training from 6 years old.

Stay at the camp

Pechrungruang Stadium is situated close to a good range of accommodation, and can organise rooms and bungalows for your stay.

Expects in a day’s training

A day’s training typically consists of a morning warm up session, followed by fitness conditioning and weight training. Afternoons are usually dedicated to Muay Thai technique intensives with Pi Ot and then shadow boxing and sparring. Depending on the level, afternoon sessions may also include advanced kicking techniques, interval training on the bag, and sparring with Pi Ot.