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Muay Thai training with Mr. Aroonnoi Sidkrupatana and Mr. Maurer under observation of Mr. Manasak Pech Rung Ruang Stadium at Thongnaipannoi.

1 Session – 350B

2 Sessions / 1 Day – 600B

1 Week/Month- 1 Session per day – 2000/6000 B

1 Week/Month – 2 Sessions per day 3500/10000 B

Fighters – ‘Nak Muay’


A Thong Nai Pan original, born and raised on the island, M16 is named for his speed and his lethal power in the ring. 18 year-old M16 has had around 250 fights in his career, having begun his training at the age of 6. M16 shows off his skills weekly at the Pechrungrueng Stadium, and is an active assistant of Pi Ot in training fighters.

Visiting Fighters

ToMuch – France

Linglom – Thor. Tanalek

Laopee – Rachamuaythai

Wuttichai – Easy Corner

Cuekrit – The Best Gym

If you have took part in thaiboxing training you pay 50 Baht less for massage at Bam Bam Massage (near by the stadium)!

Bam Bam Massage

Bam Bam Massage

Professional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage, 1 hour, 300 Baht
(Full-body treatment, which includes both stretching of the joints and muscles and applied pressure to the sen lines)
Foot Massage, 1 hour, 300 Baht
Oil Massage, 1 hour, 300 Baht

For each massage session, 15 minutes extra and free herbal drink: ginger, green tea, bale fruit … etc.

Thai Massge Trainig Course from What Pho, Temple Bangkok.

Open daily 9.00 am – 10.00 pm.

Massage: Please call 089-7628221, ask for PI JOY.